Marie Pierrat (Ballet)

Marie Pierrat

For the academic year 2016 – 2017, DanceSpace Vietnam welcomes a new teacher, Ms. Marie Pierrat, a talented professional ballet dancer from Paris, France.

Ms. Marie is both a dancer and teacher, well-versed in many dance styles including Ballet, Jazz, Afro and Cabaret.
She graduated in June 2010, holds many prestigious qualifications in dancing and teaching, including the Diplôme d’état de Professeur de Danse by the Frend Ministry of Culture and Communication.

She is also experienced in preparing students for international dance competitions.

At the age of 8, when she started dancin, her mother and grand mother were dancers too.

At the age of 13, she became a dancer and left her family in Paris to go to the Opera of Marseille. She began to realize the importance of the work to make a success. She was working with teachers from Opéra de Paris and Scala of Milan. She studied Italian and French styles with different techniques of ballet.

She was admitted in the international dance academy in Paris (2004). She had training and five exams before getting her classic graduate. At the same time, she had different contracts with companies and choreographers such as Maurice Béjart.

Selected shows/productions:

  • Le Roi Soleil / Kamel Ouali
  • L’Amour; La Danse / Maurice Béjart
  • Merveilles de Guinée and Baobab Circus / African Dance of Guinée Conackry

At DanceSpace Vietnam, Ms. Marie is in charge of Stretch & Ballet, Jazz, Afro for children, teens and adults.