Julius Lagare

Julius Lagare is a multi-disciplinary dance artist and teacher with an international exposure.

His passion as well as the professional competencies that he has accumulated through an extensive training and exposure to different dance professionals and companies qualifies him to be considered in the search for faculty at DanceSpace Vietnam.

He learned hip-hop and street jazz in the very locale of its invention – the streets. It was there where he was discovered by the first dance company that he had his foundation in dance training and pedagogy. At 16, he was invited to join Southern Philippines’ leading contemporary dance and theater company the Teatro Ambahanon Dance Company. His apprenticeship with Teatro Ambahanon afforded him dance training and command performances all over the Philippines. He also joined a summer internships at the Cultural Center of the Philippine’s Ballet Philippines Dance school. He did his dance training while studying for a degree in college.  In the forth year, he was promoted from scholar, to Principal dancer and finally as the associate artistic Director.

He has also developed proficiency in choreography and then became the company choreographer for TA. His works are consistent winners in National dance competitions including the Cultural Center of the Philippines-Japan Foundation Young Choreographer’s Competition. And his work has also been invited to be performed at the Asia Contemporary Dance in Fukuoka, Japan. After earning his Mass Communication degree, he went for further training at Ballet Center Cebu that opened the door for his employment as dance instructor at Atlanta Festival Ballet.

His dance classes at the dance school include classical and Contemporary Ballet, Hip-hop and Modern Dance. His work spans from teaching to choreography and to actual mounting and staging of the work.